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Build Own Personalized Bunting Felt DIY Craft Ideas

Build Own Personalized Bunting Felt DIY Craft Ideas

Size: Set of 15 Bunting Flags

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Smara Creations  Build Own Personalized Bunting Felt DIY Craft Ideas is a quality DIY product. It contains Felt triangle-shaped, multicolor flags and adhesive-backed felt letters. A natural fiber cord and a threading plastic needle were also provided.

1. Select your length of 15 flags, 25 flags, or 40 flags. 

 2. Choose your color flags from the first image & note the reference number on each chosen flag.

 3. Whatsapp your chosen flag color numbers (with quantity) and your NAME/MESSAGE on 7666733549  

4. Build your bunting in your desired color arrangement using the string supplied. 

5. Using the self-adhesive letters, simply peel the backing and place it firmly onto each flag of your choice. Bunting Flag Specs - Size 6 inches x 5 inches  White cotton cord (Length Varies) - 1mm thick.  Adhesive Felt Figures {0-9, A-Z ( uppercase only), Star shapes, flower shapes}. 

 Please note Bunting as standard is shipped unassembled and with a plastic threading needle. 

Please note that there will be a difference in the appearance of color between the visible computer color and the physical color. 

Should flags crease in the post, lightly press an iron on low heat using a cloth as protection? *Each self-adhesive letter/number has a slight cut in the backing plastic to assist in peeling off

The product is ready to ship in seven working days. Shipment is free! For more options please check out our site 

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